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My dear friends, 
As we thank the Lord for sparing Corpus Christi a huge disaster, let us keep in prayer our brothers and sisters from Rockport,  Aransas Pass and Port Aransas. 

Bishop Mulvey has given each pastor the discretion as to whether they will or will not have masses in their parishes.  

A lot of parishes do not have electricity in the city of Corpus Christi while there are a few that do.  Because Most Precious Blood is one of the parishes without electricity at this time, and more than likely will not have it tomorrow, we will not have any Sunday masses for the following reasons: 

 1. We are under a flash flood warning until Wednesday.  We don't need people to risk their life going to church if there is flooding to take place.

 2. Without having adequate lighting in the church I fear that someone may trip and hurt themselves.

 3. With the probability of no electricity we will not have a microphone system to accommodate a large crowd such as our congregation.

 4. Without the air conditioning working it will not only be hot in the church but we will not have adequate fresh air coming into the building as needed for indoor air quality.

 5. Our whole church compound sewer system has a lift station which operates off of electricity.  Without it operating our bathrooms could very soon become very unsanitary.

 6. I was told that the normal time frame for electricity to be restored after a hurricane is normally 2 to 5 days so again there's a high probability that there will be no electricity here at our church tomorrow.

Because of the extenuating circumstance of Hurricane Harvey, the bishop is allowing the pastors to dispense his parishioners from Sunday obligation.  In other words you will NOT be committing a mortal sin if you don't get to church this Sunday.  With great thought and prayer I've come to the conclusion that prudence should dictate that health and safety are more important at this point than missing mass. I do not make the decision lightly but I want to make sure that everyone is safe and sound.  Again, please remember to pray for those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

God bless you all,
Fr. Bob


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